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OUTDATED Blueprint 2.0 Priorities and Threats Map

This map includes an older version of the South Atlantic Blueprint.
The Blueprint prioritizes areas for shared conservation action in the South Atlantic geography. Priorities in Blueprint 2.0 are driven by natural and cultural resource indicator models and a connectivity analysis. Click here to learn more about the indicators .
The Conservation Blueprint...

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High and Low Marsh Habitat
Salt marshes classification of the South Atlantic Landscape Conservation Cooperative geography covers the northern Outer Banks (and extreme southeastern Virginia, Back Bay area) south through NC, SC, and Georgia to approximately Sapelo Island. The marsh classification is derived from Landsat 8 OLI imagery acquired in May 14-19, 2014. This georeferenced imagery was atmospherically corrected, mosaicked, and water masked prior to deriving a set of three Normalize Difference Indices (NDX) bands:...
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