Rivers and Streams Classification

Jan 10, 2013 (Last modified Dec 30, 2013)
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The SARP River Classification Framework provides consistent categories of ecologically relevant attributes for streams and rivers across the region at the NHD+ segment scale. The attributes that are currently available include:  1) stream size: by basin area and mean annual flow; 2) gradient: by average segment slope; 3) EPA Level 3 Ecoregion; 4) TNC Freshwater Ecoregion; and 5) Ecological Drainage Units.  

For more detailed information, go to the SIFN page on the SARP website at http://www.southeastaquatics.net/sarps-programs/sifn

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Mary M. Davis (SARP), 

Emily Granstaff (USFWS), 

Scott Robinson (SARP), 

Analie Barnett (TNC), 

Arlene Sheldon (TNC), 

Mark Anderson (TNC), 

SALCC Instream Flow Working Group

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See the link below to the "River Classification - Expert Review Process" for a summary of the webinar series used to obtain expert reviews of this resource in the SALCC and GCPLCC.  http://sifn.bse.vt.edu/sifnwiki/index.php/SIFN_Classification_Expert_Review
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Southeast Aquatic Resources Partnership<div><a href="www.southeastaquatics.net" target="_self">www.southeastaquatics.net</a></div><div>sarp@southeastaquatics.net</div>
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Development of the SARP river classification framework is an ongoing effort to improve and expand the utility of this resource. Classification of pH, stream temperature, and hydrology will be performed in the future for eastern states of the SARP region (WV, VA, NC, SC, GA, FL, AL, MS, TN, and KY). Hydrologic classification has been identified as a priority research need for the GCPLCC region (OK. TX, and LA). Users of the SALCC Instream Flow Geospatial Dataset are solely responsible for interpretations made from these products. The SALCC Instream Geospatial Dataset is provided "as is". SARP and the SALCC do not warrant results users obtained by using the SALCC Instream Flow Geospatial Dataset Exploratory Level. Contact a SARP representative (sarp@southeastaquatics.net) if technical questions arise in the use of this data. Considerable metadata and reports are provided on the project wiki site and clearinghouse (http://sifn.bse.vt.edu/sifnwiki/index.php/SIFN_datasprint).
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